Lost or Stolen Mobile Device Procedure

The Mobile Computing and Storage Devices Policy requires that all members of the university constituency report the loss or theft of mobile devices that may contain Restricted Data to their departmental Information Security Manager (ISM) immediately upon detection of the loss.

This procedure is for use by ISMs once a device has been reported to them as lost or stolen. The steps can be performed concurrently. Print this form and fill it out as the steps are executed, or otherwise document the information contained here. Forward the report to the Information Security Office, the department must also preserve the record copy of this report.

1. Interview the User

Device manufacturer and type: ______________________________________________

Device MAC address: _____________________________________________________

Owner of the device (i.e. personal, university asset): ____________________________

Location device was lost or stolen: ___________________________________________

Date and time device was lost or stolen: ______________________________________

Method of encryption: _____________________________________________________

University Data stored on the device: ________________________________________

2. Recover or Wipe the Device

  • If the device has a tracking capability (such as Find My Device) use it to locate the device. If the device can be safely recovered, do so. If retrieving the device could be dangerous (in the possession of a criminal), notify the police of the location.
  • If the device cannot be retrieved or location cannot be determined, execute a command to wipe the device (using Exchange ActiveSyncFind My iPhoneLoJack for Laptops, etc).

3. Report the Loss

  • Check last encryption check-in date (ex: UF Computing Helpdesk for PGP): __________________.  Note the devices recovery key or token: _________________________________________________________.
  • If the device is reasonably believed to store Restricted Data, report it to the Privacy Office. Record incident tracking #______________
  • If the device was stolen, report it to University of Florida Police Department. Record report # ____________
  • If the device is university property, report it to Asset Management.
  • If the device is a mobile phone, report it to the phone company to have the ESN blocked, preventing a thief from re-using the phone.