What if my department is not listed?

That means either your department has not assigned those roles in ARS, or that UF Security has not assigned the Dept IDs that your ISA, ISM or Tech contacts are responsible for. See the question below on correcting the information.

How do I correct this information?

UF currently maintains ISA/ISM information in two separate systems, so updates and changes must be made in both. UFIT is working to combine these into a single system, and will update this information when that is complete.

  1. The Net Services Database - this database is used as the source of contacts for vulnerability and incident tickets and links ISA/ISMs to IP addresses and DNS records they are responsible for:
    • For changes to data in this system, submit a ticket at https://my.it.ufl.edu
    • Select Service Catalog -> Technology Services -> Networking -> IP Address Request Management
  2. The ISA/ISM database is used for all other contact information and authorization to protected resources. This requires two steps to add a new ISA/ISM.
    • Your Department Security Administrator (DSA) must assign an appropriate role in ARS. To remove an ISA/ISM role, have the DSA remove the role in ARS.
    • Contact security@ufl.edu, tell us the person’s name, their assigned role, and dept IDs they are responsible for - this step is required so that Information Security Office staff can link the ISA/ISM to the correct department IDs (this functionality is not yet available to DSAs using ARS).
I’m listed as the ISA or ISM for my department, what does that mean?

Click here for more information on what it means to be an ISA or ISM.

How do we change the Department Security Administrator (DSA)?

The DSA process is managed by the Identity and Access Management team.

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