Physical Security

Policy ID Policy Version
This policy and associated standards will soon be replaced with a UF policy that is pending approval.
PS0001 Physical Security of HSC Facilities
Lists offices responsible for establishing physical security requirements at various HSC facilities.
PS0001.02 Physical Security of HSC Facilities Standard 02/22/2010
PS0002 Physical Security of Information Assets and Related Facilities
Responsibility for implementing physical security in the various units of the Health Science Center.
PS0002.02 Physical Security of Server Rooms 02/22/2010
PS0002.04 Physical Security of Communications Closets 02/22/2010
PS0003 Device and Media Controls
Sets both usage policy and responsibility for use of any equipment (including workstations) or media that holds restricted or sensitive information .
PS0003.02 Device And Media Controls Standard

PS0004 Physical Security and Usage of End-User Computing Devices
Responsibility of implementing and maintaining basic physical security of all devices. Applies to all HSC users and rooms containing Information Assets.
PS0004.02 Physical Security of End-User Computing Devices Standard

PS0004.04 Physical Security and Usage of End-User Computing Devices and Related Facilities Standard

PS0005 Off Site Storage
Responsibility for designating locations for off-site storage of any form of information (non-electronic included).