New Website for Information Security and Integrated Risk Management

Welcome to the new online home for Information Security and Integrated Risk Management (IRM) at the University of Florida! This migration, nearly a year in the making, was designed to simplify the web presence of UFIT’s Information Security Office and put all its resources in one place. Here’s some of what’s new:


The Resources section of the existing Information Security website was broken up to enable easier navigation. Security resources now live in one of two designations:

  • Security Guidance: Resources for Faculty and IT Staff, which provide information, templates, and guidance to help navigate UF’s security landscape.
  • Learn Security: Resources for Students, Faculty, and Staff which explain the latest cyber threats and how to keep yourself (and by extension, UF,) secure.
  • Many of these Resource pages received content updates to provide the most up-to-date information.

IRM Tools

IRM tools now live in the Resources for Faculty and Staff area and received some updates:

  • The UF Data Guide was refreshed to follow a simplified linear process. Users first select the designation for their data to discover and learn about its data type, and then scroll down to discover what solutions exist for their data.
  • Fast Path Solutions received a visual refresh and new functionality. Searching now operates on an AND basis, so you can quickly narrow down your search. Moreover, if you’re considering several solutions, you can now save them to the Save & Compare view, and even print them out for later reference.

Navigation Updates

When thinking about how to improve site navigation, we looked to many of the customization options offered by the new UF Mercury Theme. The main headers link to relevant top-level pages, which provide page lists to help users browse to what they’re looking for. However, many users come to the site looking for the same resources — so we’ve placed them under the “Quick Links..” button at the top of the header for quick access. We also updated the “Info For..” banner to help specific audiences pinpoint the resources most relevant to them.