1.   Visit the Account page for the website or service you wish to enable MFA for using a computer or tablet
2.   Locate and select the MFA/2FA Menu
3.   Select enable MFA/2FA and follow the prompts. Select authenticator app if given a list of options, and ignore any prompts to download a specific Authenticator App (unless later setup fails).
4.   When you reach a screen showing a QR code setup screen, pause and open the Authenticator App (such as Duo Mobile) on your mobile device
5.   Locate the option to add a new account, and select it
6.   Select “Use QR Code.” You can use Enter Code as a fallback if the QR code method fails
7.   Return to your computer, and use your phone’s camera to scan the displayed code
8.   Once the code has been scanned, click Continue on your computer
9.   On your mobile device, give this account a nickname. Afterward, enter the account code from your phone onto the computer to confirm everything is working
10.   That’s it! Next time you sign into this account, you will use both your password and a code generated by your Authenticator app.