Online Harassment

Below are some steps to follow if you are being harassed through E-mail, Instant Messenger, or Chat.

  1. Ask the individual harassing you to leave you alone.
  2. Do not respond to any further communication with the harasser.
  3. Save appropriate evidence.
    • For email, save the full headers.
    • For other forms of communication, save whatever logs you have. Make sure that whatever logs you save have time stamps in them, and that you check the time on your computer and verify it’s accurate.
  4. Forward the information regarding the harassment to the appropriate authority.
    • If the activity is originating from a campus account or network, contact the UF Incident Response team.
    • If the activity is traced to a particular IP address, they should be referred to the appropriate authority at that location.
    • If physical threats are made, make sure to contact law enforcement.