Keeping Your Installed Software Updated

More and more applications have “automatic update” features built into them. If possible, you should verify that you are at a version of the software that is capable of scheduling updates to occur automatically. Major operating system providers, like Microsoft and Apple, have a single facility that updates software developed by them.

Secunia PSI for Windows

Secunia Personal Software Inspector (PSI) is a program that scans your computer for outdated software and provides you with links and other information to help keep your programs up-to-date. It is distributed free of charge.

Important Notes

  1. Secunia PSI licensed UF use and personal use. It can be installed on any computer purchased with university or research funding, or a personally owned computer.
  2. Secunia PSI sends information about your computer including, hostname, workgroup name, and data about software installed on your computer to Secunia. You can read more about this inĀ Secuinia’s Privacy Statement.