Stay Updated

Everything from web browsers, file viewers/players and office productivity applications installed on your computer can be susceptible to vulnerabilities, especially if you are not using the most up-to-date versions. Vulnerable software leads to compromised computers and often the inadvertent disclosure of your private data such as your login credentials for your email account or your bank, favorite shopping site, or social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc).

Here are some recommended methods for ensuring your operating system and the software you have installed are fully patched and updated.

Keeping Your Installed Software Updated

More and more applications have “automatic update” features built into them. If possible, you should verify that you are at a version of the software that is capable of scheduling […]
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Keeping Your Operating System Updated

Updating Windows Microsoft has an expanded operating system update feature called¬†Microsoft Update¬†which can be used to not only keep all your Windows OS compontents patched but can also be used […]
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