Email is often used as a first method of contact by criminals, often via fake email referred to as ‘phishing‘. Spam can make email less useful by filling your inbox with ads. And scammers of all types use email to lure unsuspecting victims.

Email Safety

Be Wary about Clicking on Links Do not click on unsolicited links you receive in e-mail or IM messages!!! They likely lead to a malicious website intended to compromise your […]
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ID Theft & Scams

If you are reading this, you’re a possible target for Internet scams. Just by having an email address, you are a target. It really is that simple. College students are […]
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Reporting Email Abuse at UF

The University of Florida utilizes advanced email filters to block messages of a spam or phishing nature.  As the threat landscape changes over time, these filters are continually adjusted to ensure ongoing […]
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This document is intended as a guide for University of Florida students and faculty to help them in dealing with unwanted spam. Others are welcome to use this document as […]
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