Report a Security Incident or Vulnerability

Whenever reporting a system compromise, defaced website, or some other incident, either to UF network support or another organization, please make sure to include the following information:

  • Your name and contact info. Those you contact may need to ask you for more information.
  • Any applicable time-stamped* system log files. Detailed log files are essential for others to understand security problems and compromises.
    * Please read the note below regarding NTP and time-synchronization.

Reporting an Incident to the UF Security Team

Reporting an Incident to CERT

Reporting a Vulnerability to CERT

* A note on time-synchronization:

Having your computer’s clock synchronized with a time server is of utter importance when reporting security incidents. Make sure to always synchronize your systems with an NTP time server so the security logs will correspond exactly with network logs on the other side of the connection.

NTP (network time protocol) clients

  • TuCows listing of Win95/98 clients
  • TuCows listing of Windows NT ntp clients
  • TuCows Macintosh clients
  • homepage. Useful for the latest unix and linux clients and servers

Local timeservers