Spider PII scanning tool

For years, The University of Florida used Social Security Numbers as unique identifiers for students, faculty and staff. Since 2003, upon implementation of the 8-Digit UFID, SSNs have not been used as the UF primary identifier. However, SSNs may still exist on desktops, laptops or other local systems. The following tools are designed to help locate files (such as web pages, databases, spreadsheets, gradebooks, etc.) that contain sensitive numbers, including SSNs.

For Windows machines, the HSC Information Security office has customized the program “Spider” from Cornell University. Two versions are available: one for SSN discovery, and another for identifiable medical information (including SSNs). Please choose the version pertinent to your needs.

Tools for Microsoft Windows

Tools for Apple MacOS X and Linux

Spider for Windows has been optimized by the UF HSC Information Security Office to reduce False-positives. Be aware that the Mac and Linux versions, not having been modified, may return higher numbers of false-positive results.