SMTP Relay

University of Florida mail transfer agents (MTA) should be configured to prevent third-party or open relays.  Open relays allow messages from senders outside the domain to be sent to recipients outside the domain.  Open relays can be “hijacked” and exploited by spammers.  Spam is unsolicited, undesired junk email, usually sent to large numbers of recipients.  At the very least, spam will adversely affect the performance of your server and result in hundreds of anti-spam messages that must be processed.  Spam can even cause your mail system to crash or be damaged, costing time and money to recover.  Allowing open relay of email tarnishes a good net neighbor reputation and can lead to being blacklisted, since many sites and services block email from known relays. Using as a smarthost makes it vulnerable to these same problems.

Evaluate your mail service requirements.  Do you really need to run a mail transfer agent?  Will another campus mail service, such as Gatorlink, meet your needs.  Otherwise, please follow the instructions below to close the open relay on your MTA.  If you don’t find instructions for your specific MTA listed below, please contact

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