Install Guide Step 2

Open File – Security Warning If you are running on Windows XP you might receive a box that appears like this one click “Run”.

PGP Desktop Setup Accept the license agreement

PGP Desktop Setup It’s always good to review the release notes

Installer Information PGP will now install. Click Yes to allow it to restart.

After the computer reboots, log in with the end user’s account.

PGP Alert Click “Always Allow for This Site”.

The PGP Setup Assistant Enter the end user’s Gatorlink account into the Username and Password fields.

User Type Select “I am a new user,” even if you are not. Existing keys are used for email encryption, which we are not using.

PGP Whole Disk Encryption Assistant Select Next

Create Single Sign On User Have the end user enter their local or domain (as normally needed to login to the laptop) credentials.

Completing the Whole Disk Encryption Assistant Select Next on this gratuitous screen

Contratulations! Select Finish and PGP will now encrypt the hard drive. This will take several hours, depending on the size and speed of the hard drive and the laptops processor. During encryption, the laptop can be used as normal, although it may run slightly slower than normal due to the encryption running in the background. The laptop can also be shut down, put into sleep mode or rebooted, and the encryption will continue where it left off when the laptop is resumed. As a safety precaution, encryption will not occur when the laptop is on battery power. This means the laptop must be plugged into the charger to complete the encryption process.