Install Guide Step 1

This documents a best practice install of PGP Whole Disk Encryption that allows for single sign on by the end user of the laptop.

PGP recommends defragmenting and testing the laptop hard disk before encrypting it. While this step is optional, it is strongly recommended (most especially on older hard drives) to avoid problems. PGP recommends Gibson Research SpinRite, so the Security Office has purchased a site-license for use of the University of Florida. You can download the software here. Use the executable to create a bootable CD. This will take some time based on how large the drive is. More documentation is available here.

  1. Download SpinRite software
  2. Burn ISO to CD
  3. Put CD in Computer and boot from the CD
  4. Once booted, press Enter
  5. Press Enter again
  6. Press “4″
  7. Press Enter
  8. Press the space bar to select all drives
  9. Press Enter
  10. Press Enter
  11. Wait a long time for SpinRite to complete