Symantec Encryption Desktop / PGP

Update: UF is in the process of transitioning from the use of Symantec Encryption Desktop/PGP to native OS encryption supported by UF Endpoint Management. Please refer to UF Endpoint Management for more information.


UF has purchased licenses to Symantec Encryption Desktop / PGP Whole Disk Encryption for use by the university. While not required, SED/PGP is the suggested method of complying with the laptop encryption requirement in the Mobile Computing and Storage Devices Standard. UF runs a PGP Universal Server that manages SED/PGP desktop installations. Encrypted computers store a Recovery Token to the Universal Server, which allows access to the encrypted data if the user forgets the password. They also check-in daily, to report the encryption status of the computer. This enables UF to verify that a lost or stolen laptop was encrypted.


The Symantec Encryption Desktop / PGP service is managed by UFIT Customer Technology Services. Please contact CTS for more information. Units wishing to use SED/PGP need to contact CTS first, as there is some setup required on the Universal Server.

Unit IT staff can contact CTS for assistance by phone: (352) 273-0255 or by submitting a ticket at

Users should be encouraged to contact unit IT staff for assistance, but may also contact the UF Computing Help Desk.


The current version of SED/PGP WDE is 10.3.2 build 15413. Release notes: Windows, Macintosh, Linux.